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melissa569's Journal

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Well what can I say, I was born in 1981, I'm divorced, no kids yet, live in California, USA. HUGE fan of American Girl collector's dolls. But I'm also into writing, reading novels, visual and performing arts, making videos for YouTube, music from the 60's to now, and working from home on my computer. I tend to browse around various forums, because I love to chit-chat with people about pretty much anything and everything.

I'm also a big fan of menstrual cups. Since December 2008, I have made it my goal to own at least one of every menstrual cup brand, so that I can do a YouTube video and write a WordPress review on each of them. Its very hard to decide which brand and size of cup to get, so I post these reviews/videos to help people out, and give first-hand accounts as to how each brand works. To see what I've done so far, here are the links to my pages:

My YouTube Channel:

My WordPress Review Page:


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